Admire life around a canal

I once spent a few hours with my husband enjoying the dexterity of a Dutchman and his friend, trying to rescue his small boat that was almost immersed in the canal, in front of his house. It was the beginning of spring, when the sun starts to show its face, although timidly, giving room to the hope of warmer days.

That little boat certainly had been forgotten during all months of winter and autumn, dirty and full of accumulated water after not being used for such a long time. It must have been at least 3 hours until the two boys skillfully managed to pull the boat out of the water, surrounded by spectators who applauded them after so much sweat. I didn't kept videos neither photos of this scene - sorry not being able to share with you, reader, but let's just be honest : there are moments for everything and the ones that only deserve to be registered in our minds, don't you agree? Typical scene in Amsterdam, as much as the family who lives in one of those impressive house boats: nice to see in the summer, all gathered around a table set up outside the boat, with a good glass of wine, cheese, bread and the like. Spending time admiring life happening around a canal relaxes, inspires, calms and offers so many good things to our mind - especially when we allow ourselves to go with the flow, to be driven by the moment and not paying attention to time neither to the constant necessity of frenetically posting everything in our social medias. Things we often allow ourselves to do when on vacations. There hasn’t been a single trip I’ve done to Amsterdam that I haven’t dedicated some time to admire the beauties of a canal.


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