Sunny pleasures

March 16, 2022

Do I miss Amsterdam? I have been asking myself this question. I would dare to say no but it’s too painful to admit it let alone feel it (or should I say not feel at all?).

Firenze has been treating me amazingly well! Perhaps I’m still carried away by the excitement that comes along with beginnings. After all, a new relationship always sparkles! On the other hand, Amsterdam could ask me: “Why would you walk away? We were just starting…”.

Some might say that I am just overreacting to something that can be overcome through this and that. But no matter how many saunas I have or hot beverages I drink, the Netherlands doesn’t have something that to my body, spirit and soul is just like water, like, I simply cannot live without it: sunlight. How can one, I wonder?

I know... we had a wonderful summertime in 2020 and since I left, it’s not been raining that much plus sunsets have been delightful these days… but let's face it: we all know, and I’ve said it before, that the Sun is not the Dutch country’s best friend. Sometimes it comes, very shy, staying for a little while but it takes just a gust of wind (and God knows how strong they are there!) to blow it all up... No place is perfect and this is my dream country’s major flaw. Not surprisingly, many retirees choose warmer cities to enjoy the rest of their lives.

I would be lying if I said that the climate was the entire reason that made me move: a wonderful business project will soon unfold and Italy seemed more agreeable with this new chapter.

Thus, if it wasn’t for the incompatibility between the NL and my DNA, perhaps I wouldn’t be writing this Confession from my sunny terrace which, by the way, truly gives me daily pleasure: I can finally hang my clothing out to sun dry while I sunbathe my temporary pale skin. I cannot think of a current small pleasure greater than that.


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Felipe Melo