Here comes the sun...

August 7, 2020

When you live in the Netherlands, you have to make the most of the blessed sunny season. Since I moved to Amsterdam I learned how to really appreciate the sun – I must confess that I took this gorgeous fireball for granted having spent endless summers in Brazil and always longing for a bit of shade to cool off.

Thankfully, Dutch spring and summertime have been so generous with us. We had almost 20 days of spectacular bright and shining days in April. It almost felt like I was been granted by Mother Nature with a “welcome to Holland” gift! I remember the first days after lockdown when I cycled to the Vondelpark and the most eye-catching flowers had just blossomed. Pure joy!

I went for a walk yesterday just to find the perfect spot by a canal to sit down, relax, have a soda, write some notes and enjoy the view of tourist boats passing by. With a fair excuse, of course, to sunbathe my arms and legs a little bit.

I might change the scene today, instead, to explore one of those urban beaches for which Amsterdam is famous. I must say that after five months, my bathing suit is just ready for a splash.


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