The Erasmus bridge by bike

After having visited Holland for a while, it has become unthinkable, for me, to go anywhere without a bike. In Rotterdam a bike was essential to tour important corners of the city – that weren’t close to each other – and a must-see experience that was crossing the important Erasmusbrug bridge by bike. It is a beautiful bridge that connects both sides of the city. It is 802 meters long and 139 meters high. Besides being the highest bridge in Holland, it is the world’s longest suspension bridge. It is so important to Holland that it was inaugurated by Princess Beatrix in 1996. It is nice to see that its ends resemble the shape of a swan. It is a beautiful sight, but as we cycled through it, the wind became rougher and we started to regret the ride…. although the sky was sunny, it was winter, and the wind and cold didn’t favour us, but when we reached its middle, we couldn’t give up. Still, at the end, it is worth it both for the landscape this route offers and the ease of returning, since we came across a subterranean passage specially made for cyclists, besides the underground parking for cars. These are things you find in first world countries.


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