Summertime in Germany’s countryside

My first night in Assmanshausen was unbearably hot. I sort of went crazy in the middle of the night, opening all the windows, and slightly regretting being in a tiny little town in the middle of Germany in midsummer. That's because hotels as old as the one we stayed in - Berg's Alte Bauernschänke - have a structure made for cold days: carpeted rooms, solid wood, very low ceilings. It is the perfect, if not claustrophobic, combination for a greenhouse effect.

But when you wake up, with that muggy night behind you, you feel a delicious Taunus mountain breeze that suddenly comforts you. Practicing sport or just walking around the Rhine River early in the morning is priceless. There are hardly any people around, and there are no cars - well, maybe one or two - which conveys a sense of peace. Imagine this whole scenario of zero noise and visual pollution in a place whose landscape is breathtaking (and invigorating!).

The German city of Assmanshausen
Architecture in the city Assmanshausen
Vineyards and the Rhine River in Germany

There are really few places in the world that thrill me more than when I close my eyes and remember this landscape. Sitting on one of the benches along the river and feel the time go by is as enjoyable as practicing a sport or just walking in Assmanshausen’s mornings. 

I told friends that this is a trip to feel delighted, slow down and be inspired. We live so used to the madness of our routine that when you travel, you also get into an unbridled marathon of museums, restaurants, parks, concerts, bars .... without devoting a little time to idleness.

P.S.: the Assmanshausen region is great for hiking enthusiasts. It is 320km between Bonn and Wiesbaden, on the famous Rheinsteig trail that passes through important regions and an area inscribed on the Unesco Heritage World list along the Rhine river. It is the largest and most important trail in Germany. It is divided into longer and shorter trails, according to your pace and preference, and it includes wine regions, forests and other landscapes with spectacular views. For those who want a different experience, you can do this trail by car, boat or mix all these modalities together with walking.


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