"Souks": the must-see Arab street markets

I have always found it important, and part of the process of getting to know the local culture, to explore local markets in certain cities we visited, at least the first time you go there. But when you are in the East, this assumption is fundamental, and in Amman, as in the rest of the Arab countries, local markets are rich with products and well-known Souks.

Variety of spices in a food market in Amman
Visitors strolling around the Souk in Amman
A salesman wraps a package of summac at the Arab Souk in Amman

There you can buy a huge variety of spices, such as the tasty summac (mainly used to season meat), some of which are not found in the West. There are also fabrics and small accessories, as well as the delicious pomegranate juice. I highly recommend Souk el-Bukharia or Souk Jara since they are central and full of these discoveries.


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