Rheingau wine in Germany

There are about 4,600 square meters of cultivated area for wine production in the Rheingau region. It is one of the most famous areas, but also one of the smallest, in all of Germany. Its geography is privileged, with little rainfall, lots of sunlight and an average of ten degrees Celsius during the year, not to mention the variety of soil in harmony with the climate that together guarantee the perfect terroir for Riesling and Spatburgunder (pinot noir) grapes. Around 380 producers maintain ancient winemaking techniques, while making use of modern techniques that improve production performance. The cool thing is that walking through the streets of the small town of Assmanshausen - or even the main thoroughfare that surrounds the Rhine river called the Rheinuferstrasse - you can admire the valley full of carefully kept vineyards from generation to generation.

Because the region is a major producer of spectacular wines, there are a number of local winery tours, wine museums and tasting experiences offered by both small producers and hotels. As I spent only two days in the town, I needed to focus on some activities, and therefore chose to meet only one local wine producer, named August Kesseler and who I will talk about in another article. But I would have definitely visited other producers and wineries if I had more time.


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