Neve Tzedek: a district everyone needs to know in Tel Aviv

Israel is an extremely subdued place and completely unknown to people, in general terms. Or rather, it is a country that few know, many people do not know what to expect, most are afraid and consider it unsafe, that is, a tangle of ignorance. That's why all my Jewish friends who already had little information and relationship with the country are so nice and happy when it comes to visiting Israel that they automatically make a list of unmissable places to visit. Neve Tzedek district is one of them.

To this day I could not compare it. I even tried. I thought for a moment that it might be considered a kind of Vila Madalena because of its cool little shops, but this is not the case as it is not a bohemian neighborhood. I also thought of Soho from NY, but Neve Tzedez has a much more laidback profile. Then I thought of Marais in Paris, which may even have some resemblance, but it can never be compared because Neve Tzedek is very, very cool! It has a story to tell, because it was the first Jewish quarter built outside the port of Yaffo (Old Town). It was a neighborhood inhabited since its inception by artists, writers and intellectuals. Built with houses and small buildings, preserving the Art Nouveau and Bauhaus architecture. Over the years, it has become highly valued and today it is one of the most expensive places to live in (however, I open a parenthesis for a sad period in its history when for some 20 years it became decadent, until the 1980s). Gradually, fashion stores, bars and restaurants, and cafes were set up, even one of the main symbols of its history, the famous Suzanne Dellal theater/concert hall, home of the famous Batsheva ballet.

But all of this hasn’t made Neve Tzedek difficult to transit. It still has a very peaceful atmosphere, which guarantees charm to the lifestyle people find when they are there, whether living, working or just sightseeing.

In time: When you walk around, be sure to stop for a drink at hip Anita. Or, get lost in the hyper cool accessory, clothing and design stores. One of my favorites is Seti, great to find wonderful candles, books, and fancy small furniture.



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