Germany’s Romantic Road

Rothenburg op der Tauber is one of the main cities of Germany's famous and beautiful Romantic Route. The 410-kilometer route, consisting of 28 towns or villages, can be explored in two ways: starting in Würzburg (and heading south) or Fussen (and crossing the country towards the north). In both ways, Rothenburg op der Tauber is a must pass. It is a very beautiful medieval city, preserved and full of personality that, despite having centuries of history (including wars, popes and inquisitions) - a fact that often represents a certain “weight” in daily life - is quite dynamic as to keep up with the extensive world tourism, and maintain it on the map of Germany's most visited and attractive cities.

The annual events and fairs that drive the local economy are a proof of this, thus offering plenty of reasons to entertain the tourist: It is home to one of the most beautiful Christmas markets. The wine festival taking place in August is another event that attracts enthusiasts and connoisseurs, among other attractions that local tourism provides. Check their website

Tourism is serious and really promising there, representing 20-25% of its GDP. In the ranking of the nationalities that choose it the most as a crossing point are: Germans (250,000 stays / night), followed by Americans (47,937), Japanese (29,838), and Dutch (22,610). In 2016 alone, Brazilians represented a total of 8,443 nights of accommodation there; number that in 2017 grew more than 30%. But even with an intense flow of tourists, the city does not lose its charm.

Two nights there are enough: the city can be easily seen on foot – it is even recommended because its extremely narrow streets are not suitable for vehicles - and you can visit a lot of interesting spots. The monuments preserved as the fortifications of the city with its giant walls, towers, battlements, gates, churches of Gothic construction, houses of the old Jews of the Middle Ages, among other ancient treasures that attract all these tourists year after year are imposing.

There is a balance, however, between these large buildings and the charm of the medieval little houses, whose architecture takes us back to the past with exposed brick roofs and always manicured facades full of color with summer flowers (in winter, the flowers give way to the romantic snow white). Walking around the old town of Rothenburg is easy on foot, mainly because the Tourism Department has excellent guided tours every day for all profiles. Guided tours that range from short to long walks around the city - with or without museums and historical attractions - walks through local vineyards, and more exotic ones that start at dusk for those who enjoy subjects related to the time of the Inquisition.


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