Cat lovers: I dedicate this to you!

This is an essay dedicated to all who love cats as much as I do. Whenever I think of stray cats, I remember cities with ports, like Istanbul or even Rome, where people say cats exist in greater numbers to help exterminate mice. But I never imagined this was going to be such a typical scene on the streets of every city in Israel, where we come across cats of all kinds and breeds (that is, they are almost all strays).

Many have owners and homes, others live in the streets, but live very well. It is a fact that most of them are not castrated, which increases a lot their proliferation. But the Israelis are very enthusiastic and respectful of animals, feed them, tolerate those who live in front of their homes, and coexist in a friendly manner with these animals. No wonder, wherever I went, I only observed beautiful, healthy cats, most of them very kind to humans, and living life well.



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