August Kesseler: a charming small wine production

I had the privilege of being welcomed by the sommelier Sebastian Mac Lachlan Muller, representative of August Kesseler, who proposed a very special vintage tasting followed by a tour of the winery. Kesseler has been in the market since 1984 and began his production focusing on red pinot noir. It is very interesting to observe how these small productions - albeit very significant - behave in the face of the massive industrialization of the market: they are supported by human and teamwork values.

Although some of them are in family hands, their owners - such as the owner who bears the brand name Mr. Kesseler - make a point of stressing the importance of the plural "we", and highlighting how much his winery is a company made by individuals, all of them equally important.

Sommelier Sebastian, by the way, is commanded by the owner as a "dynamic, diligent, correct guy who takes care of business without ever looking at his watch"; that is, an approach in which you can see the total commitment of the entire team and the appreciation of those who employ them. The result could not be better: delicious wine, full of drinkability, delicate, refreshing. Finally, only a company of vision, such as this one, could dare to venture in such modern labels: I felt a great desire to drink, just by looking at the packaging.


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