A friendly guide to shopping in Jordan

When touring the territory of Jordan, it will not necessarily be an invitation to consume. At least for me, the coolest thing about this country is to explore the cultural richness and the different customs and aspects that govern society. Besides, of course, the beautiful landscapes and the delicious food. But, there are small objects and accessories that can be very interesting to take home or to gift someone. On the road from the Dead Sea to Wadi Rum and Petra our guide took us to a fascinating shop called Dead Sea Products, where you can buy everything from odds and ends to Dead Sea skincare products. I confess that I took some mud creams home and regretted having bought them: the polyglot salesman knew very well how to delight the tourist, so to speak. The experience of mud in the body is really cool at the Dead Sea itself, and nowhere else, in my opinion. Cosmetics are not always really effective and can be a little aggressive for some delicate skin due to the amount of salt.

But back to the subject of shopping, in this huge store you can buy boxes for decoration and to store jewelry made of mother-of-pearl and at very good prices. All are beautiful. Some of them have Persian motifs and are hand painted. You can also buy bigger furniture for the house, but for those who are traveling long distances, it is not worth it... even if they say they deliver at home, there’s the cost of freight and a great risk of getting lost on the way. Another cool purchase to invest in is jewelry, especially those that are inspired by the necklaces, bracelets and earrings worn by the Bedouins. They are handmade with many colored stones.

Tip: negotiate well. Bargain and don't be afraid to “cry” for a good discount.


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