The Store: the coolest multibrand shop in Berlin

This curatorship of this multibrand shop called The Store is so amazing that I find it hard to remember the last time I walked into a retail store and felt so comfortable and attracted that I didn’t want to leave. Everything is of such a peculiar and special good taste, items are creatively designed together, such as clothes, books, bikes, small accessories, decorations, perfumery, everything is very cool. No piece seems to be excessive or unnecessary to be there (when it comes to good curation, The Store fulfills this purpose).

Curatorship of Fashion brands at The Store in Berlin
Women clothing at The Store in Berlin
The interior of the shop The Store in Berlin

And everything is designed to make us think that all products - or almost all - are indispensable to our lifestyle. Since The Store occupies two floors of the famous Soho House Building in the Mitte district, don’t miss walking through the hotel's interesting lobby, and with time to stop at the Italian Cecconi’s, a classic that never gets old.


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