Where to sleep in Palermo

Palermo doesn’t have a large offer of hotels. There are all types of hotels in the city, but I can’t recommend any because I have never stayed anywhere else other than a Bed & Breakfast or at a friend's house. When I first went to Sicily, it was a pleasant surprise to find a charming B&B named BB22, whose owner became a great and dear friend. For starters, the location is perfect, in the heart of the Old Center (Borgo Vecchio). It is within walking distance of all that is cool in the city, and six minutes away from the beach / marina. There are few rooms, it has an elegantly simple decor, and a tasty breakfast at a fair price. Every year, Patrizia Marchetti (friendly called anyone by Patty), the owner, closes it for about one month for renovations, either because there is some need for maintenance or because she wants to give a slight twist in the décor. The daily rate is about 100 to 120 Euros. https://www.bb22.it/en/

Another option is to stay at Palazzo Moncada, also owned by Patty. It is about a 5-minute walk from the small BB22 hotel and it meets the profile of travelers who like to stay in apartments as if they were locals (Airbnb style), but with the convenience of room service, laundry and breakfast – and, in my opinion, it is even more special because Patricia’s team tries doing everything they can to please you! There are two floors of well-designed and well-divided apartments to keep the privacy of each guest, but there is a nice and large living room connected to a communal kitchen where breakfast is served. It ends up being an invitation to interact with other travelers, even if it is only during the meals. At Palazzo Moncada there are single and double room options, with and without a private balcony.


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