Where to eat in Würzburg

In any space dedicated to gastronomy in the city of Würzburg, two things are taken very seriously: ambiance and drink. Of course, it is not a prerogative for any meal that is cooked locally. But any self-respecting bar or restaurant takes very seriously the space in which it is inserted along with its decor - usually made for a great customer experience - as well as its drinks menu, dedicated to the Franconian region. So, it is worth asking yourself, before going out, if at that moment you want to drink wine or beer. Precisely because these places are either more prone to one and the other and that drives the rest of the on-site experience. Here are some suggestions where not only you can eat and drink very well, but they are also ideal for enjoying the surroundings and the landscape.


B Neumann

Located in the Würzburg Residence, B Neumann pays tribute to Balthasar Neumann, responsible for building this city's landmark in history and architecture. It is a space that caters to both the most relaxed moments for those who wants to relax at the tables of the charming terrace in summer, as well as for parties and weddings held in the pompous and baroque halls of the house. In summer, it is worth ordering one of those famous Flammkuchen (also known as “tarte flambé”), a dough made from bread typical of the French Alsace region, reminiscent of that very thin pizza. 

Brauerei-Gasthof Alter Kranen

In countries such as Germany, where season changes are quite distinct, it makes a lot more sense to visit some places in summer. Not because they are unpleasant in winter, but because their location combines with warm and sunny days. This is the case of the Alter Kranen, located on the banks of the river Main, where you can see the boats coming and going, while enjoying a beautiful view of the Marienberg Fortress. Also, this house boasts an extensive and exquisite Franconian beer list, most of the options extracted from wooden barrels. To accompany - or vice versa - it is worth ordering one of the varieties of German sausages, always spicy and with a side of mustard and sauerkraut.

Weinstuben Juliuspital

The scattered tables - whether in its olive-lined courtyard or inside the wooden-lined restaurant - captivate a regular clientele looking for simple and tasty dining, especially fish - one of the owners is a fishermant. Juliuspital is a foundation dedicated to the causes, maintenance and care of poorer communities, be they nursing, kindergarten, farms, etc. It has been in existence for over four centuries and has become a profitable institution too thanks to its winemaking: here, like Bürgerspital, they are bottled in a typical flat bottle, rounded on the sides, a trademark of the region.


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