Ticket to ride

August 5, 2020

Sometime ago I heard from an actress that ‘planning is an exercise in optimism’. Although over planning might be the trigger to anxiety and excess of control, simple plans can, instead, be the right measure to believe that the future will be bright and shiny.

Since lockdown, probably more than half of the world’s population could not even plan themselves to go to the grocery market. Living for the present moment became the new motto - not necessarily in the way we would wish, though.

As humanity starts to look at a less foggy time to come - hopefully - a few little plans pop up again as well. That happened just yesterday and I must say I was long waiting for this: buying tickets for my next travel.

An instant feeling of joy, excitement and freedom of choice suddenly arose through my inner traveller. Despite living a different life since I recently moved to Amsterdam, which sometimes can feel as lively as a vacation escape, nothing really compares to the instant gratification of buying a ticket to ride.


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