The wonderful one-day experience in Bamberg

My short stay in Bamberg lasted about 24 hours, and I left with the feeling that I had left a lot behind. The city was not foreseen in the itinerary - driving down the German Romantic Road - precisely because we would spend more time in Würzburg and had not planned to visit Bamberg. By chance, we diverted one day from Würzburg to Bamberg and to this day I think how fortunate this detour was.

What to do: It is a small town whose Historic Center was considered a heritage by UNESCO, easily associated with the smoked beer that is produced there. It has a very peculiar charm, with a medieval mood and cobblestone streets inviting us to take long walks. The city is also split in half, as many are in Germany, by the Regnitz River, a tributary of the Main. On one of the city's main bridges over this river you can see the beautiful architecture of the Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus), the starting point for entering streets full of antique shops in the Old Center, which lead to the important Cathedral.

The smoked beer: Nearby is also the famous pub “Schlenkerla”, which has become a stop for visitors and residents. Its entrance is usually crowded mainly by tourists, drinking the pint of smoky flavor and very doubtful taste. Many people who live there prefer to go to other bars dedicated to low key concept beer, such as Klosterbräu. Either way, the truth is that you have to taste the famous lager beer to, at least, acknowledge its taste is horrible!

Where to eat: In this same region, there are other very nice cafes, bakeries and restaurants, whether typical German or from different cuisines, such as Little Italy. This restaurant was a kind of culinary salvation, because after so many days eating the combination of “schnitzel + sausages”, it comforted us to enjoy a delicious Italian pasta (even better if you can sit outside, if it is warm).

Where to sleep: Even though it was such a short experience, we managed to enjoy one of the best hotels we have ever been to in Germany. It is called Villa Geyersworth: one of those hotels that you don’t want to leave the room, with decoration and comfort designed just right.


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