The MarktHallen Neun market

One of the best ways to get to know a place is to taste simple local food, especially when you have the opportunity to visit street markets and fairs. In Berlin, curry wurst and doner kebab are a symbol of local street food. But fortunately the gastronomic scene has evolved and some markets are proof of that, such as Markthallen.

The Markthallen Neun in Berlin

Because Berlin is such a hub of mixed immigrant cultures, you can find, for example, Peruvian ceviche, British pies, American burger, Italian pasta, French wines, and so on, and, of course, small producers who foster the more sustainable cycle of the local economy. This is what MarktHallen owners really want: since 2013, they have become pioneers in the propagation of street food from all corners of the world, until they opened this market that soon became a success.

The bakery Sironi at the Markthallen in Berlin
Visitors at the Markthallen Neun in Berlin
Flower market at the Markthallen in Berlin

The MarktHallen is a good example of where locals often hang out on sunny weekends in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg, the market unit I visited. One of my favorite places is the delicious Sironi, an Italian who produces his own bread, pizza and foccacia dough. Let’s face it, Italian restaurants are a safe choice.


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