The lively and modern Rotterdam

Rotterdam has one of the biggest ports in the world and this explains its dynamism and the flow of different cultures and immigrants. It is, indeed, where I most saw foreigners, – more than in Amsterdam – settling themselves, either because of work (expatriates) or nations that for one reason or another grasped the opportunity that a big city offers. Add to this the number of students residing on behalf of Erasmus University.

In sum, Rotterdam is a cultural melting pot, with a geography of great proportions when compared to other Dutch cities and marked by arquitectonic monuments known worldwide. This is because during World War II, the city was totally destroyed, and new constructions, considered modern and relatively futuristic were built.

It is one of the must-see places in Holland, especially by arquitecture enthusiasts, and also by anyone who wishes to better understand the constrasts of an important Dutch city.

About three days are enough to enjoy what Rotterdam has to offer.


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