The laid-back Mondello

This province (or beach) of Palermo is the refuge and meeting point for Palermitani, especially on sunny weekends and holidays.

Where is Mondello:

It is just 11km away from the center of Palermo and very easy to reach by car or bus. Its sea is an emerald green that fills your eyes and invites you to both go for a walk along its coast, as well as to spend hours in its fine white sandy beach since it has good umbrella service and toilets.

The seaside resort of Mondello in Sicily and the turquoise beach

What to do in Mondello:

Others prefer this beach for water sports; thus, you’ll see boats and yachts anchor there, especially in summer. Mondello used to be the summer home of Palermo's noble families, who built them in the 1920s Liberty style. Because of this, it remains sophisticated, though it can become a popular destination during the high summer season.

Fishing at the beach of Mondello in Sicily

How long to stay:

I consider it essential to visit Mondello when you are in Palermo, even if it is for a short stroll or lunch at the many seafront dining options. Many are quite touristy, but they are nonetheless frequented by locals – an evidence that the food is always good and the fish always fresh.

Street art and the colourful walls in Mondello
Liberty-style the typical architecture of the houses in Mondello
Small boat for tourists in the seaside resort of Mondello
Tourists and locals enjoy the day at the beach in Mondello


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