The Dead Sea: the beautiful lake of medicinal properties

Close by and just over one hour from Amman by car is the amazing Dead Sea, whose waters bathe Jordan, the West Bank, and Israel. It is located 400 m below sea level and is therefore the lowest place on earth. It is a large saltwater lake where one does not sink due to its very high salinity level - about ten times saltier than seawater.

Tourists cover their bodies with its black mud made of medicinal properties that can soften the skin, detoxify, reduce swelling, relax muscles and stimulate the metabolism. I tried it and liked it! Another advantage provided by the Dead Sea is the high barometric pressure around it, that is, the air has 8% more oxygen! The least you will feel when leaving is a sensation of renewal.

On the coast of the Dead Sea, on the Jordanian side, there are varied hotel options that take advantage of the prime location to offer luxurious services that add to the experience. I recommend staying two nights, if time permits, but if the itinerary only allows one, it is also worth it (although you will surely leave with the feeling that you could have stayed longer!).

Among the 5-star options, I believe the Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea is by far the most amazing: there are numerous pools throughout the property, it has a sensational spa and fitness center, restaurants for every palate and shops to buy those souvenirs that can't be missed. Not to mention the impeccable and very cordial service. Make sure to take time to enjoy the sunset.


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