The baroque city of Würzburg

For those who, like me, intensely enjoy the gastronomic and ethylic experiences that a city reserves, I start with the fact that the city of Würzburg, located in the Franconia region, has the largest concentration of vineyards within the city limits in all of Europe.

This fact alone may be reason enough to be worth a visit. But, of course, that's not all that makes it special. It is considered a baroque city, it is in the south of Germany, very charming and about 80% of its monuments and buildings were restored due to the World War II bombings that almost completely destroyed it. Its geography divides the River Main: on one side it is surrounded by idyllic vineyards and also by architectural and historical palaces such as the Marienberg Fortress (Festung Marienberg).

On the other, where the most central part of the city is, you can find crowded cafes, restaurants and squares full of young people thanks to a high number of students, as well as churches, breweries and institutions dedicated to wine, and other monuments listed by UNESCO heritage, such as Würzburg Residence and its beautiful gardens that bloom in summer.

In other words, wine, art and culture go together there, carrying the same weight in the importance the city has in Germany’s history.


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