Thailand put a spell on me

August 12, 2020

There's an incredibly profound sentiment that resonates from my heart whenever I think about Thailand. Since the very first day I went to this sacred land, I cannot avoid feeling a real deep emotion, almost a certain degree of nostalgia.

During meditation, I caught myself this morning remembering every single detail within the sounds, colors, gestures, smiles... this memory is so alive in me that I can almost grasp it with my hands.

It's not only when I meditate that I can connect with Thailand. As a matter of fact, I don't recall myself not thinking about it. Even if it's just for a minute, Thailand comes across my mind perhaps every single day. It has such a magnetic effect on me, so powerful!

As much as I carry tender and deep memories of so many other magical places, none of them reaches the intense effect of attraction that Thailand draws on me.


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