Spontaneous indulgence

August 3, 2020

The older we get, the weaker will be our ability to act and be more spontaneous. When we hardly remember what was our last impetuous - or reckless - decision, chances are big that the so called youth-free-spirit we once possessed has already faded away.

I had this conversation with my husband a few months ago. Over dinner, I complained that I no longer let myself be driven by those impulses: the ones usually responsible for giving us a bittersweet guilt or just a very good feeling of being brave enough to dare.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to change that. We were celebrating our wedding anniversary in our favourite bar at the Pulitzer Hotel when my husband proposed to book a room and stay over. My immediate response was huge disapproval because not only did I not want to pay over the odds for a last-minute booking but also I didn’t have my toothbrush or spare clothing with me. I also mentioned about a window being left open at home as one more silly justification to make us believe that we didn’t deserve an extravagant treat.

Well, happy me, I have a wonderful and persistent husband who knows my control freak reputation and he put the right cards on the table to make me go with the flow.

Next day we were the most well-dressed people at breakfast!


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