Second chance

January 31, 2021

I'm learning to cherish and love Amsterdam again. It's a difficult statement to admit, but I have lost that ebullience which made me want to be nowhere else but here. I've never stopped loving this city but for a long time I have struggled to praise this place through the same sparkling eyes that once made me fall in love with it.

Have I taken my beloved Amsterdam for granted? Have we come to a weary point in our relationship? How could this ever be possible? We have just got married! Of course I know about my own feelings more than anyone else and I'm sure it was not a frivolous, momentaneous passion but rather true love. However, somehow and for some reason I've lost our connection. I've lost that pure, honest flair to appreciate every single piece of you.

It's not your fault or mine. We have been set apart by an evil force. It's incredible the damage that a miserable lockdown can make. Then came the cold-blooded winter along with its sober days and white sky. It is going to take a while until these days are gone, for good.

Meanwhile, I promise not to break our vows. You have my loyalty and I cannot wait to pick up where we left off.


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