Palermo in neighborhoods: the main districts worth exploring


This is a very rich neighborhood, historically speaking. This is also where the beautiful Palazzo Reale is. The street market of which I speak in another article, Ballarò, is also located here, surrounded by old buildings, palaces and baroque churches. It's kind of decaying, because many buildings and constructions are so abandoned. Despite the fact that immigration is growing in this neighborhood, it is said that there is an attempt to revitalize it. 

Castellammare / Centro Histórico

It is one of the city’s oldest districts and very close to the Borgo Vecchio. This is also where the famous street market La Vucciria is located. It is my favorite, because you can reach the port / marina, which is also very centralized and close to Libertá. Here you’ll find a diversity of very good bars and restaurants. You will also find the famous tourist spot called Quattro Canti, as well as the Pretoria Fountain, the Palazzo Senatrio and the Catedralle di Palermo.


It is a more elegant area in Palermo, largely surrounded by Via della Libertá and close to the beautiful Giardino Inglese. There are good shops in this part of town, although it is also residential and wooded.


It is far from the center of Palermo and surrounded by a magnificent emerald blue sea. It is literally the "Palermitani’s beach". On weekends and holidays, it gets crowded with people (when it's hot and sunny, of course). It is where you’ll find the beach lifestyle. There are many large houses and wealthy families live there. In summer, every Palermitano loves exploring this part of Mondello.


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