Older or wiser?

August 14, 2020

How ironic is it to celebrate birthdays when coming closer to our "eternal rest" is the only certainty that lies within? My husband made a sarcastic comment by reminding me of that just yesterday over dinner.

I was rambling on about what I could do for my special occasion when he came with a profound philosophical thought. That was not very cheery, especially when family and beloved friends won’t be around and the only few friends in town are gone on holiday.

This would probably be the year when I would throw “the” party. The one to remember. Not only because last year I remained very quiet (I like to vary between high-low celebrations) but also for the main reason that I am living in my dream city. Amsterdam’s canals in summertime would make a perfect scenario.

As I write, the old song “Forever Young” resonates out of my mind. I can clearly remember the time when I would hear it at home. It was the 80’s. I grew up being influenced by my brother’s musical preferences and I still find this decade to be the best producer of authentic talent.

Thinking it through, there’s nothing bad in giving myself a calmer and more reflective time to appreciate my upcoming "passage of life" due date. Having an injured knee, on the other hand, will likely prevent me "going wild" this year.


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