Nest egg

July 17, 2020

The most delightful findings in life happen when we are not expecting them. I had a wonderful surprise when I entered the building of the Amsterdam Stadsarchief for the first time. It is the largest city archive in the world!

A few years ago the building was still the property of ABN-AMRO. As a bank, naturally, it must have a couple of specific compartments designed to preserve people’s possessions. The former vault, for instance. And that’s where the most stunning part of the museum, in my opinion, is currently housed.

There are paintings, maps, documents, photos... an impressive collection of the rich history of Amsterdam showcased inside the art deco safe room. It’s just stunning!

There is more to see in the museum, including temporary exhibitions that exhibit an interesting parallel between the present and past of the city. However, it will hardly beat the charm of the underground vault.


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