Mutual affection

January 1, 2021

As our hearts have woken up on this new year’s morning filled with hope, love and cherishment, I caught myself thinking about the greatness of friendships.

Having good friends to share ideas, struggles and passion with is undeniably fundamental to go through life. We cannot be and function, as human beings, without the comfort and assurance of having someone to count on.

How many good, loyal friends can one have? How many of them remain when one needs them most? What is the line dividing a friend and a colleague? How easy is it for you to make a friend?

It would come as no surprise if I tell that I can make friends as easily and naturally as the air I daily breathe. No wonder I was born in Brazil within an Italian family!

But the point is, the ability to establish a bond with a person, no matter which, is one of the most powerful nourishments in life. It’s also so particular and intimate that only our inner self would know.

I’m so grateful for having extraordinary friends all over the world! Some occupy a tender space in my heart for so long while many others are as fresh as the coming year reveals upon us.

May 2021 surprise us with tons of new-found friends!


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