Knowledge is power

August 28, 2020

I caught myself this morning reflecting on two questions that are probably illogical to answer. “How many monkeys have died since the first Covid-19 vaccine has been tested?” (question number one). Whereas the second one: “How on Earth did we manage before searching on Google came along?".

Although I could respond to both of them, they seem rhetorical. Well, I suppose they would be for most people. Would that be because the answers don’t matter therefore it becomes pointless asking them in the first place? Maybe.

I just can’t stop thinking about the moral principle (or lack of) intrinsic to the superior human race over other living beings from the animal kingdom. And just to clarify: this has absolutely nothing to do with my personal choice of being a vegetarian.

As per my second thought, I wonder how less curious we were before Google. Or should I say lazy since we used to at least stand up from the comfort of our chairs to reach the nearest library? Some people say that life was easier before the internet: how exactly? I wouldn’t say that.

But I do believe that one of the reasons I always see myself wondering and questioning is partially because the internet has given us the power to be more thirsty for knowledge.

Suddenly I remembered my father tenderly saying: “My dear, there's no limit of space for knowledge in your head”.


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