Jerusalem: intense, magical and full of contrasts

Just as you can’t miss Tel Aviv when going to Israel, the same can be said of Jerusalem. Similarly, you can’t understand, or at least begin to understand the history of Israel, without experiencing Jerusalem. I think it will never be possible to put into in words how intense, magical, energetic and beautiful this city is. And full of contrasts.

The contrasts we see throughout Israel - modern, historical, traditional, religious, dynamic, prosperous, and technological, as we arrive in Jerusalem, where Jews, Muslims and Christians all live, often mixed. There are so many reasons and details that amaze us in this city and arouse within us an almost obsessive curiosity about the past.

Just look back: five thousand years of history, empires after empires, and even today, all with the same goal: Jerusalem has always been the most disputed piece of land in the history of the world.


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