I miss my wine buddy

January 30, 2021

Not many friends of mine are as enthusiastic about wine as I am. Upon further reflection, none of them are, unfortunately.

It took me a lot to conclude and admit that, but the last of the mohicans was gone, a few years ago, after a friend’s painful relationship break up. Since then, I have no one to share my genuine curiosity and joy with, except the people I purchase wine from (who, don’t get me wrong, are absolutely divine to speak with and philosophise about our mutual senses. But this doesn't compare to the candid openness of a friendship).

My former wine buddy wouldn’t know how I feel about this. We lost contact. Such a shame. I can still sense his generosity whenever he opened his private cellar with so much joy. He knew that it meant a lot to me and I knew he was so happy to share something that nurtured our souls and palate.

If you also suffer from a drinking-wine moment of solitude, let me assure you: you are not alone.


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