How much do you love yourself?

March 1, 2021

I've recently written about a deception which has made me down so much. A sweet friendship has been broken. Like porcelain, you can re-attach those pieces although it will never look the same again. No matter how much time goes by, such flaws will always evoke a fragile bond that has fallen apart.

A few weeks after, I caught myself thinking about self-love. Particularly associated, in this case, with self-esteem. When people struggle to love themselves in the first place it can be tough to draw the line that is required to put a limit on how far they can go to tolerate a friend's neglectfulness. After all, should there be room for carelessness in true friendship?

Lack of self-love and self-esteem can be really harmful. It makes one have nothing but a vulnerable, desperate heart: your feelings can be hurt thousands of times and you'll still end up looking for the others’ assurance. It's not so much about forgiveness but rather to realize when you have been the only one who cares.

How much does it take to acknowledge that one’s self-contentment should simply be worthy instead of searching on the outside?


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