Hotels in Maastricht

Despite being a small city, Maastricht has a good and very interesting range of hotels. Especially those "boutique" ones, which are supposed to have less rooms, careful service, low profile approach towards guests. There is something charming about these hotels, some of them called Bed&Breakfast. Here is a concise list where I have already stayed in that I consider worth to explore.

Bouteaque Hotel: there are only 5 rooms, personally taken care of by a couple who own the hotel, as if they were guests at their own home. The rooms are decorated with accessories that the owners have collected from trips they have done around the world; the room is elegant, modern and so comfortable that you even wonder if it is worth getting out of there.

The highlight: every morning, at your door, one of the owners leaves a small suitcase with breakfast, carefully prepared for the guests. When I opened my door, I couldn’t believe that this cute suitcase had our meal with bread, eggs, juice, yogurt…such a gentle touch (from 129 USD).

Hotel Les Charmes: these tiny hotels in small cities are really very special. The name itself already defines them: charming hotels. Few rooms, two floors, welcoming reception: whose owner asks you what you enjoy for breakfast so that she can buy everything to your liking! Our room with low ceiling overlooked the calmness of the city, which early morning gave us a certain warmth to that rigorous winter. It is romantic, almost homey, elegant with the perfect simplicity (from 97 USD).

Kruisherenhotel Maastricht: the most attractive aspect here was to be a guest at a hotel that used to be a Gothic Monastery in the 15th century and still preserves its original arquitecture. It has a different concept when compared to the two previous hotels – 60 rooms, more imponent, more expensive and luxurious. But astounding, a well worth experience (from 218 USD).


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