Gastronomy in The Hague

I have already imagined myself living in Den Haag inumerous times, not only because the cost of living is infinitely lower than the capital Amsterdam, but also because it has a very special personality, far from a certain chaos that inhabits Amsterdam. And not to mention, of course, because it has good options to eat and drink. If I were living there, these would be the places I would certainly most often go to:

Zio Ciro: Every city has a little Italy to call its own. As easy as it is in finding Italian immigrants worldwide, this is no different in Holland. Great. Because this is a discovery that makes us feel in any real Italian restaurant.

The Beer Garden: tucked away in the underground old town center, perhaps deliberately to maintain its low-key characteristic. It proudly informs that all products are organic and local and invites customers to learn more about their producers’ ‘behind the scene’ production, who supply the menu’s animal meat. At the back of the house, there is a really interesting program with DJs, movie sessions, beer tastings and the like. The beer menu, in turn, probably has about 100 labels.

Lola Bikes & Coffee: besides being one of the few places open on Sundays, just passing by it already makes you want to go inside. But at this point, one has no idea how special and different this place is. It could even be briefly summed up as a bike shop that offers coffee and a shop, but but it would be little for what it proposes. Lola is a place full of personality, whose owner has created a philosophy and lifestyle around it for those who want to escape stereotypes and enjoy true interpersonal relationships. And do good. At the back of the store, he creates a community of bees to preserve the species. On three days of the week, he promotes the Lola Cycling Club, for those who like to share their passion for cycling. He promotes competitions and workshops about coffee. He proposes the coexistence of people in his space, perpetuating good relations, good chats, good exchanges, and much more! One has to go there to understand!

Café Blossom Lunch: Far from the city’s center, Den Haag’s districts have fewer places to eat and drink. Places that best represent the culture of districts in Den Haag are small coffee shops that offer a little bit of everything, with non-stop service until the early evening. Café Blossom has a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere for those who see it from the outside, perfect for a cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon and to start the day with a nice breakfast. At lunch time it is usually crowded - better book a table – but many people prefer using the take away service (what explains the still current Dutch custom of not having a long lunch break but rather quickly eating at the office desk). Salads, snacks, small dishes of the day are some of the menu’s main options. Very Dutch.


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