Free spirit

June 28, 2020

We all grow up being conditioned to analyze people based on stereotypes. Not necessarily in a negative way. It’s just a connection that resonates automatically from our deep-rooted references and we simply cannot avoid it.

I hear a lot the sentence “people from the theatre” or "people from the cinema" which leads some of us to picture those free-spirit sort of hippie-style characters. Yesterday this proved to be true. A friend invited me to attend a finissage on the Haarlemmerdijk. The gallery, although in a great location, has a decadent spirit and belongs to an old lady considered to be one of those passionate about life; une bonne vivante, I would say.

She and her friends - “people from the theatre” - dress looking the same; didn't build a "remarkable" career, nor made much money; like to spend almost the whole day drinking, laughing, dancing; never too preoccupied about the future. Somehow, they seem quite satisfied with their lifestyles.


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