Forsaken chapter

September 22, 2020

When the end of a year approaches, many of us inevitably find it difficult not to rewind the moments and scenes that have most prevailed. In an attempt to define how our year was, we mentally label significant events either as good or worth forgetting.

We are obsessed with timelines. They help us guide ourselves through our continuous history. All around the world TV channels try to entertain us every December with a compilation of episodes that had a great effect on our lives. At Xmas dinner, there’s no blessings and projection towards the future without some nostalgia.

Honestly, I don’t think this is bad. It gives us a certain balance or guidance between what’s done and what we will aim for in the next chapter. But there’s something quite fateful about this year that we’ve been having that overshadows the rest.

I’m afraid there will only be one catastrophic record to outline. It’s a little bit sad but for the first time in decades there won’t be a sequence of events, but only one that has been powerful enough to define the year of 2020.


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