Forever young

August 20, 2020

Officially 38: I think I had a click last night. I’ve always been very scared of getting older but after celebrating my birthday for 24 wonderful hours, I realized that I cannot be afraid of one of the most divine things in life: experience.

It has a profound power in which I have always believed. And no one can take this away from me! It is within us, under our skin, kept in our minds and felt by the heart. From this comes also freedom, wisdom, lightness.

My beloved Guide Me To is also all about my experiences: they nurture me so I can nurture you. Every single day since I decided to do and to work on a venture that I love 100%, my encounters became even greater.

Then why be scared of getting older if this brings me a lot of what I care and search for? Instead I made a vow to myself yesterday when I was standing on this bridge in Amsterdam: I will only be grateful for my longevity.

There’s no bigger certainty than the passage of life so let it just be a fabulous one.


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