"Food brings back memories"

January 11, 2021

I was listening to one of the Monocle's podcasts the other day and one in particular was very much of my interest as food played a central role in an interview with Martha Stewart. I've always been fond of her. Even more alluring is when someone so passionate and knowledgeable about food, like she is, makes cooking and eating appear the most irresistible and delicious moment in life.

At some point the hostess says: "Food brings back memories", followed by something about dishes that "bring a feeling of safety". I couldn't help but cherish a memory about the food I was surrounded by as a child. Or the main course my husband to be and I ate when went out on our first date. Not to mention our former's apartment in Brazil when our table was always carried by love, laughter and friends. As these memories arouse in me, my heart, mind and palate were instantly absorbed by comfort, gratitude and happiness.

I've always given the utmost importance to food. I could even call myself an epicurean, although I'm way too far off from those experts who cannot taste one single bite without precisely describing every single flavor (this is not a critic, btw). I'm grateful for always having the chance to choose what I eat.

At the same time, it breaks my heart to think of those who have never had the same chance as I have and must fight every day for a piece of meal to survive. Food is a right to human beings. As it is also eating with pleasure not only as a way to stay alive. No one should ever be prevented from it.


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