Faux pas

July 5, 2020

I was moved by a story that I heard yesterday. It was the life of a Venezuelan immigrant who's been struggling to adapt himself in such a hostile work environment. He is married to a Dutchman and they both fought very hard to make him settled in the country (long story short, they have been through a lot until the Venezuelan could finally be accepted to live in Holland).

Hearing the Latin American's narrative by describing his personal social challenges was quite heart-breaking. What I didn't expect to find, however, was that some of the discrimination towards the Venezuelan actually came from Dutch society. A society that has always been a model of tolerance and respect to me. I became very disappointed.

It turns out prejudice is omnipresent. To black people, poor people, immigrant people, homosexual people...it's just so frustrating to see ourselves co-watching endless injustices since human nature exists.


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