(Dis) connection?

December 27, 2020

In a year when many have lost jobs and have seen careers derailed, some others have faced the extreme opposite, seeing themselves drowned in exhausting work-hours like never before. It’s the year of the paradoxes, after all.

The pandemic has just aggravated what has already been shaped by the digital influence on human behavior: private and work lives have become more and more integrated and the fine line that used to set them apart has vanished to set a new standard.

People are working even more to guarantee a source of income while they try to find what’s left of their true selfs in a blurred intertwine of real and digital life.

The endless Zoom meetings, the addiction to social media instant gratification and the non-stop whats app typings have led us to become slaves of a world we cannot even touch. How odd is that?

I fear for what’s coming next. I fear for what people consider to be an evolution, a progress towards the future. I fear for the loss of appetite of real human connections. I now often hear friends saying their children no longer want to leave the house... so sad...

In a year when the unpleasant, forced physical distance has made us miss tangible encounters, somehow we have become totally disconnected.


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