Carpe diem

August 27, 2020

I’m excited just to picture myself getting on board: if this trip to Vienna materializes, I will be just like a child is when opening presents on Xmas Eve.

It’s the longest time it has been without travelling by plane: five months ago we bought a one-way ticket to Amsterdam. The four of us embarked on the venture of our lives: my husband and I and our two cats.

It should have been all about making a dream come true. After all, we had planned it for nine years! Instead Covid-19 stole the show: the cats were stressed, the aircraft was empty, passengers were largely escaping running away to home, no wine being poured, food in plastic bags and I saw myself somewhere between preoccupation and euphoria.

Although Corona is still upon us, next Sunday promises to be different. Not just because we’ll be wearing face masks and our temperatures will be checked at the airport. But especially because it's a business trip and I’ve been yearning for this so much!

From now on I’ll keep in mind not to take for granted any upcoming job that requires packing and changing beds every 15 days. It turns out that not knowing what’s on the menu for breakfast became more appetising than ever.


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