Caesarea: an old port built by the Romans

Just by looking at the photos, before visiting this archaeological site, I was struck by the blue of the sea and the grandeur of the ruins of what has been the scene of so many events since the time of Herod the Great. Caesarea is on the Mediterranean coast and halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Its creation begins around 13 BC, when it was transformed into the capital and port region thanks to King Herod's will to have a palace of his own.

Romans lived there, and then wars and destruction came, and much of the beautiful and splendid buildings no longer exist. It is still possible to see what remained, such as the amphitheater, where beautiful concerts are currently held during the summer. Caesarea is certainly the most important archaeological site in Israel and has become a thriving modern city over time. Records show that the city has the highest purchasing power of the modern state of Israel. The journey from Tel Aviv by car takes about 1 hour and as we approach the city, we can see a series of stunning seafront houses. There are also luxury hotels to meet the demand of tourists year after year who always include Caesarea in their itinerary around the country. When visiting the archaeological park, set aside a full day, because apart from the ruins and their details, there are museums, galleries, shops and restaurants to enjoy the full experience.


In time: I recommend going to Caesarea with a guide. The tour will be more complete because the history that this place has is full of peculiar details that historians and archaeologists usually know with property.


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