Balancing act

January 19, 2021

After a few hours walking on the cold fields at a distant vineyard, in Northern Holland, I was absorbed by a strong yet peaceful energy that mostly reveals itself when close to nature.

It comes as no surprise that I always project myself into those people's lives whose daily routines are surrounded by greens and blues while they make a living upon the land's natural resources. To me, it's inevitable not to think how their pace of life stands from the rest of the society. I try not to make judgments, although I find it hard to avoid thinking that a simpler lifestyle endures to fulfill us so much more.

But then, there comes imaginary material wishes and I start to reflect upon the duality that lives inside ourselves. That isn't necessarily a negative fact until we are carried away and forget the path that leads to a middle term. Do we have to feel both sides of circumstances in order to appreciate them equally? Or at least to choose the side we most feel at peace with? Will we ever be able to feel the absolute contentment just by being ourselves?

I ran away from a city that had long been made me feel so blue. I gave up so many things that I wanted and fought for them so bad, which at some point had only made me felt anxiety and anger. But I know for a fact that I had to go through all these to realize that some huge aspirations can became too much.

As I'm also a firm believer that no one should be distant from nature for a long time. The wild outdoors ground us and make us to connect with the purest and simplest sense of life.

As I left the countryside and made my way back to the city, I felt grateful for being able to experience the best of both worlds.


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