Artisanal coffees

It seems that in all metropolis in the world, establishments dedicated to bread and other artisan confectionery started to pop up in the last four years. I strongly believe it was mainly due to the arrival of MasterChefs on TV and the gastronomy theme becoming so trendy with the help of instagramers and instafoodies. 

The coffee shop Five Elephant in Berlin

In addition, the movement of part of some societies to value small local producers. This happened in Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, New York, and now you see more and more in places like Berlin, Vienna, Paris. There is a very strong wave of new industrial concept coffee houses that grind their own beans or import from exclusive productions, and according to the offer of the day and seasonality, they place bread, cookies and sweets in front of the customer.

Façade of the Five Elephant coffee shop in Berlin
Selection of pastries at the Five Elephant in Berlin
One of the best sellers desserts at the Five Elephant in Berlin

In Berlin, I really enjoy the Five Elephant, The Bread Station and Milch Halle. These are very cool options for breakfast or to go in the afternoon.


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