Amman: start your trip at Jordan’s capital

The visit to Amman can last up to two days, and you can do a lot in just one day trip. I recommend at least to overnight, actually. Some people arrive at the capital by land, but I particularly find it safer and more comfortable to cross the Israel-Jordan border by plane with more tranquility. Detail: I was already in Tel Aviv, my base from where I left for Jordan, and I consider it a good travel itinerary to combine these two countries.

I went for the first time in November, when the temperatures are very mild, with sunny days and cool nights. Little is done in the city on foot, because some of the most interesting places to visit are far from each other. But a nice walk through the Center is super valid, because in this region you will visit the street markets known as Souks, traditional restaurants and also observe how the society behaves. You see many men in the streets, and very few women. I felt quite safe since I was accompanied by my husband and a fantastic guide named Yazan, who escorted us during our three days in Jordan. Besides being an extremely nice guy, he has a lot of knowledge of the local culture and history. For women, I recommend being accompanied by other men or groups of people. Dress discretely and cover arms and legs. It is not necessary at all to wear a burkha, but keeping your habits more reserved is important. The tour of Amman will surely give you some unforgettable memories and sensations, mainly due to the religious contrasts as well as the architectural and gastronomic richness.

It is crucial, however, to keep in mind one point: this Israeli-Jordan-Israeli "double trip" I made may raise questions from the Israeli authorities at Ben-Gurion airport, as it did for me, upon returning from the Arab capital. It is a standard procedure for security purposes, as Tel Aviv Airport actually has one of the strictest security systems in the world. It may even cause some discomfort for those who do not expect (or, say, become irritated) to come across an extensive list of questions - some of which are asked again and again - while awaiting for customs control clearance. These are my insights and suggestions: Officers are doing their work and visitors, like us, must respect this, because rules and processes for maintaining the security of a country exist so that tourists, like us, can transit and enjoy the trip smoothly in regions of political conflict. I recommend, above all, to hire a specialised agency that will not only take care of the journey with guides, tours and accommodation, as well as the facilitation at Jordan airport customs.


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