A sweet reconciliation

July 1, 2020

I had a very sweet surprise at the organic farmers-market. Instead of strawberries, a different seasonal red fruit appeared at one of tents: cherries. And they tasted just like heaven! I’ve never eaten such a delicious cherry in my whole life.

In fact, I never paid too much attention to cherries. They always seemed a bit dispensable to me. Furthermore, I have a bittersweet memory with cherries that I could never forget.

When I was working in fashion, I had a very mean, lunatic boss who freaked out on a daily basis; mostly when we were about to welcome an important foreign guest in his showroom.

Twice a year, we would arrange everything perfectly prior to the arrival of a very demanding French lady from a French newspaper. She was crazy about cherries! Guess who had to go to the market to buy them for her?

Oui, moi même! For a few times, I was the chosen one. There's nothing wrong with that by any means. I love markets and I would happily go to any of them at any time. But the context in which our work environment was designed was definitely a little bit toxic. Thus, I sort of felt, sometimes, like Emily in The Devil wears Prada, you know?

Just now, thinking out loud as I write down this memory, I believe I stopped eating cherries ever since then. What a happy reunion the cherries and I had yesterday at the market!


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