Where to eat in Mondello

Bye Bye Blues

Palermo's only Michelin starred restaurant, maintained by the dear couple Patrizia Di Benedetto and Antonio Barraco. She is an accomplished cook and the first woman to win a star in Sicily - a feat that she has kept for nine years. He is a sommelier, always attentive to the salon and the clientele. Bye Bye is an elegant and formal space (not common to Palermitan standards), with a fine wine list and contemporary cuisine that is beautifully made, delicate and prepared with the finest ingredients.



Alle Terrazze

Undoubtedly the restaurant with the most privileged location in Mondello. It has been in business for over a century, since 1912. It was a must for noble families, politicians, personalities, especially in the decades of wealthier economy. Its Liberty style construction is still a source of pride for Palermitani. Go for an aperitif on the veranda or even for lunch in groups of friends. Many people celebrate birthdays and weddings there. The quality of the food is good, but not spectacular.

Al Gabbiano

The sea view is this place’s point of interest. Service is rather slow as it is usually crowded, and the house has just a few waiters. Good food, but not exceptional. Worth for the spot.

Baretto di Vincenzo Schillaci

It is nothing more than a very old seaside kiosk specialized in good gelato since 1957. The entire production is done right there, handmade by a family. It's worth it during a trip to lungomare.

Galatea di Lo Monaco Giuseppe

This is my favorite place in Palermo for cannolo and cassata with an indispensable coffee. It also makes wonderful ice creams and other confectionary specialties, some on request. Very friendly and mostly frequented by Mondello residents.


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