Where to eat in Berlin

Eins 44 was one of the highlights of all of Berlin's culinary discoveries. It is absolutely amazing. First, it is so hidden that whoever passes by it in the street, will never imagine that one of the best restaurants in town is located there. It is hidden in a courtyard in the Neukölln district.

Upstairs of the Eins 44 restaurant in Berlin

An important observation must be made: until 2008, the Neukölln district housed the Tempelholf Airport, which was built during the Nazi regime as an aircraft maintenance and shelter workshop during World War II. When the airport was shut down in October 2008, this neighborhood faced a very natural decline before re-emerging as one of Berlin's most valued and hipster regions. No wonder, in the past 10 years, it has become an attractive place for coffee shops and organic concept markets, vintage shops, younger residents, kebab houses of Turkish influence and everything else that is easily related to a lifestyle that is still gaining influence.

The restaurant Eins 44 in Berlin

Back to Eins 44. After the unusual entrance, its dining room could be compared to thousands of other industrial concept restaurants that have literally taken over the world. But this doesn’t mean that Eins 44 is outdated. A charming iron trolley circulates around the main hall with the most diverse spirits, to be enjoyed as a drink to whet the appetite of customers or after dessert.

The bar's counter at the Eins 44 restaurant in Berlin

The ethylic vocation was already present in the history of the building: Maximilian, the manager, told us that the owner of the house, a man of many possessions who remains anonymous, acquired the property when it was unused after having operated as a major gin distillery. Maximilian entertained us all night, kindly explaining dish by dish that we ordered from the tasting menu (it can vary from 5 to 7 courses, with diverse starters, main course, second course and dessert, and with a harmonizing option).

Tasting menu at the Eins 44 restaurant in Berlin
One of the main courses at the Eins 44 restaurant in Berlin
Dessert at the Eins 44 restaurant in Berlin

I am not a fan of tasting menus, but this is nowhere near as excessive and heavy as the ones we find in other places. Flawless presentation, delicate flavors, emotion and surprise, everything impresses. The chef, who is 30 years old, is Brazilian. What a grateful surprise!


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