Where to eat in Assmanshausen am Rhein

The city of Assmanshauen is so tiny that there is no driving force to keep restaurants running independently. That is, almost all restaurants belong to hotels. On the other hand, Rüdesheim am Rhein is more touristy, and it offers more restaurants that are not necessarily installed in hotels. Here are two suggestions of great restaurants in hotels:

Hotel Unter den Linden: Some of the best sensations that the city of Assmanshausen provides is the pleasure of contemplating its natural landscapes and, especially when it can be done eating outdoors. The hotel restaurant alludes to the Garden of Eden because of the many exotic flowers coloring its area that is framed by local grape vines. Sitting at one of the outdoor tables and ordering some of the dishes from the varied menu – with meat, local fresh fish, or seasonal ingredients such as mushrooms - accompanied by a fine Riesling, will certainly, at least, save your day.

Hotel Berg’s Alte Bauernschänke: it lies in the elevated part of the city in a typical German building that belongs to a family bearing the same name. Every day, guests find its owner Silvia roaming around the hotel and making sure her clientele feel good (obviously in that kind of "rustic" German way ... polite but far from sweet). Much alike other hotels around, it has a simple, tasty and correct cuisine. The breakfast room has its charm: it reminds us of an old type of décor, it's fun to observe the neighborhood through the windows while having a delicious coffee in the delicately hand-painted German porcelain. To enjoy a late afternoon, go to the terrace of the restaurant, even if it is cold - it has a heater and a covered area. There you can see the quiet street life while tasting a very nice glass of white wine.

In time: In Rüdesheim am Rhein there are several alternatives of places to eat, but they are not always good. This is because some houses have more fame than quality, in part because of a type of tourism that is less discerning in gastronomy, that tends to prefer fuller, bustling places that promise a good beer (nothing against that, by the way). However, a restaurant called Café Rosenberger stands out. What first caught my eye was the service, then the captivating kitchen. Hard to say that the Germans are nice, because they are not! But there is some kindness within those in the catering business, almost as an obligation (or a matter of honor) to see the customer well fed. Perhaps it is because of times of war and scarcity that certain people carry in their DNA this sense of the importance of feeding themselves and others. Compliments aside, the fact is that one of the waitresses at Café Rosenberger was so special with our table that it struck me.

Tip: Remember that sharing everything is recommended due to the large portion sizes. In this place, Schnitzel, sauerkraut and sausages are the highlights of the menu.


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